Extraordinary Soul Bonds

There is no other love like the one that lives in your soul for all eternity.

I experienced what I used to call a Twin Flame in early 2012. The relationship lasted about a year and a half, we both had spiritual awakenings and a supercharging of our spiritual gifts. We loved each other unlike I’ve ever loved anyone and we were bonded to our souls. Then he chose something safer, someone he loved more.

That relationship opened my soul and burnt me to ash, but the extraordinary part for me was what emerged from the ash after the flame. I likened my experience with him to The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell, but here we are about 4 years after the break and it’s time to face my truth, it’s time to face the other man who was in the picture at the same time. It’s time to follow this path again and to that end, I dedicate this page. As always, I share my journey in the hope of encouraging and enlightening. If you’d like the whole story, please join me on Patreon where I share far more in depth and far more candidly because of the privacy afforded there.

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1111 the mystical number we tend to all think of as a twin flame or soul mate number. Seeing this number may also mean an awakening or a shift in consciousness. It’s commonly thought of as a message from the spiritual, but what the message is for you depends vastly on where you are in your spiritual journey. For me, every time I see this number, particularly when I catch it on the clock, I say a silent prayer, recognize my connection to spirit, pray for those in my circle and over my work in the world so that it blesses those it crosses paths with (that means you) and of course, I take a moment to feel the connection in spirit with my great love.

Whatever you make of this number is for you to decide, but making a habit of sending thanks into the spiritual, sending out a prayer of love and support to those you may know are struggling, or maybe just taking the minute to connect with that which you recognize as God and ask what message he/she has for you. In the end, just realize we live in a very human reality, surrounded by a very active spiritual realm and they are always communicating with those that wish to hear.

My Story



In 2011 my life imploded. It was the type of thing that you either have to rebuild from ash everything you are and everything you believe, or you choose to lay down and die. I choice to rebuild but I had no idea of what would lay ahead for me. Three men came into my life after this, each one bringing great gifts in the form of truth, discovery, fire, and death, and in love and rebirth. *Below is a telling of my story that I’m willing to share publically. If it speaks to you and you’d like to know more, you can join us on Patreon where there are no walls, but absolute transparency.

*I am currently in the process of building this site, more posts will continue to be added as I have the time. Thanks for the understanding and patience. 

My Awakening to Twin Flames #2

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Protected: Twin Flames Letting Go & Starting Anew

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This is my definitive Twin Flame song. I dedicate it to my twin as I echo the sentiments of this song, knowing that though we may never meet again in this lifetime, I have been changed for good. Blessings to all of you who have experienced, and are experiencing, the same.

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The Truth About Running and Chasing Within the Twin Flame Experience

We've all heard the scenario of the runner and chaser within the Twin Flame union. Truthfully I believe there is enough runner and chaser in each to go around, but at the end of the day, ...
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How I Survived the Loss of My Twin Flame

I love my twin flame. I cannot express that enough. Even in separation, even with having to deal with my anger towards him on a near daily basis, I love him. Being with him taught me so much, but ...
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The True Phases of a Twin Flame Relationship

There are a ton of articles out there you can find that will tell you about the meeting phase, the runner/chaser phase, the harmonizing phase and all the rest, what I'm going to write to ...
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The Twin Flame Hero’s Journey

We are the spirit of heaven, birthed to this world, freed from our own corpses by the twin flame journey. We are burnt to ash by the fire, but re-birthed by our faith, resplendent like the ...
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I do private readings on request. The simplest is $35 for a simple 3 card draw delivered via email. Please message me to arrange payment and to tell me what you’d like to focus the reading on. Please put $35 Reading in your subject line. The results will follow within the week as I only do readings on certain days.

If you need more help then a simple word of guidance, my strongest gifts lie in seeing where someone is stuck, seeing callings on the soul and in helping you get there. I ask $75 for a full reading, it will last about an hour and I prefer to use Facebook chat so you’ll have a written record of all we’ve talked about at the end. I do, however, work on a sliding scale if I feel we should work together and money is an issue for you. This process starts with a brief chat where we can get a feel for each other and see if we’d like to proceed. I do this work as a way to honor the gift God has given me, but I am highly selective about who I work with. Please message me if you’d like further information.

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