Lessons From Life

From Disneyland to Disney World and all the lessons learned along the way.

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Sunday Blessings

You are someone who overcomes. Of that there is no question. You are not here to be stopped by anything. You are here to fulfill your dreams and reach your destiny! No matter what you ...
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Life and God… an Update

This post is going to be extremely transparent, and most likely rambly. You have been officially warned. I want to catch y'all up on what's been going on with me, from Elethiya to Disney, to ...
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Why Follow Dreams

It seems to me that in this life we are constantly faced with two choices, will you follow your head, or will you follow your soul. Before I go one word further, I would remind ...
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The Morning Ramble – Why I AM Disney Lovin

Disney Lovin is the culmination of a lifetime. From Disneyland employee, to stay at home mom, to romance novelist, full circle to Disney blogger, I’ve come home again here. Honestly, I can hardly believe it ...
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Drums of Gratitude

Last night I attended a full moon meditation and drum circle. There is just something about drums for me. I try to go and listen to Matsuriza in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot often. I'll ...
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The Morning Ramble – Making Peace & Fulfilling Dreams of Old

Good morning everyone. This is my first blog post, or really any kind of post in nearly three weeks. For the first time in four years, I actually took some time off. Astounding, isn't it! ...
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Ethical Selfishness

It's been a very hard week here in Orlando and I've honestly struggled deeply with my emotions, shock, depression, exhaustion, a feeling of being saturated with the emotion of all those around me. There was ...
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If you build it… You’d better be able to live with it

We have more entrepreneurs today than we ever have. Some would say we are experiencing a second Renaissance spurred on by our current technology and big business' lack of understanding of what it costs to ...
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Can You Be Truly Happy?

I have to start by acknowledging that what I write won't change one person, but if the words resonate, you have the power you need to find your truth and answer the calling on your ...
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