Another Day in the 365

Often on this 365 I have to make short runs to the World just to get my “days” in. But I still like to indulge in lengthy days whenever I can, and this past week I had one of the better days I’d had in a while. It was crazy, but it was good.

It started early when I went out to meet Josh as he got off work at 8:30 in the morning. It was a rainy morning and by the time I got on the city bus, I was already partially drenched, but I have learned that on rainy days I have a pair of light fabric capris that I hate any other time, but are handy on Disney rainy days because A – they don’t hit the ground so they stay out of puddles and B – they are of such a light fabric that they dry pretty quickly.

And that is my best wardrobe tip for you, pack things of a light fabric so that if you end up getting caught in one of our storms, you should at least dry out quickly when the sun returns, which it usually does. Don’t pack jeans! They never dry!

But I digress…

I arrived at the TTC and the rain had stopped so I grabbed a monorail and before I knew it I was on Main Street. Josh was at Storybook Circus, so I had to traverse the entire park to find him, but I enjoyed the walk, snapped a few photos and headed to the charging tent at the back of the park. (If you are unaware, there is a tent in Storybook Circus near the character meet and greet that houses a ton of plugs and USB ports. It’s available most of the year, but not during the Halloween and Christmas party seasons because they set up a special party character meet in that tent.)

I found Josh and we sat and talked for a bit, about life, about callings, about money and frustration… we hadn’t seen each other in about a week which isn’t our usual, so there was some catching up to do! After we hung out for a while we decided to go get some lunch at Cosmic Rays, good topping bar, even has French Fried Onions on it. 😉 I had the chicken sandwich and fries. It’s a good little sandwich especially after you top it up at the bar. They also have a siracha mayonnaise right now that’s really good!

We ate then left to run an emergency shopping errand for Park Shoppers, where we got drenched because it started to rain again. So after the shopping we hung out in the alcove on Main Street which is when Amy showed up (after having gotten caught in the worst of the storm and was wet to her waist by the time she arrived!) and the three of us got to laugh and have a good time while we waited out the rest of the storm.

We all went our separate ways at this point. I headed to Gaston’s and had this adorable photo shoot. After that, I recorded some video and caught a few photos, then met up with a friend who was visiting from Pennsylvania and had only been to Disney once before just a few months ago, so she was all aglow with Disney magic and I love that. We watched the parade and I gave her and her adult son some insider tips and food recommendations before I left them to their Jungle Cruise FastPasses.

I then was at a bit of a loss because I had FastPasses for the Na’vi River Journey but had heard it had been evacuated earlier in the day and hadn’t heard it was back up yet. You see, getting around inside Disney without a car is absolutely doable because of Disney transportation, but it’s a process that I’m not always up for and to get from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom was going to cost me a lot of outside the magic time and I wasn’t sure it was worth it if I got there and found out the ride was still down.

So I texted Amy to see if she was still around and she was. We met back up and chatted for a while, then I streamed the Move It Shake It Dance & Play It Street Party. That was so much fun because I streamed it coming in, then I walked all around and through it while it was going on, then I got to stream it leaving. It was a fun stream, but that one went to the patrons that day, as had the parade stream. I noticed that Phineas and Ferb are out and Genie and Stich are back in. Mr. Incredible and Frozone were in too. I THINK they may have replaced Chip and Dale? I’m not sure about that though, it really does tend to blur after a while. If you aren’t familiar with this little event it’s so much fun and a great way to put your family memories over the top!

After the stream, Amy and I got emails saying the River ride was still down and that we could use our FastPasses for something else, but what we did instead was take a different kind of boat ride and head over to the Polynesian for a bit. Along the way we watched five deer down by the water’s edge, it was so precious!

The Polynesian is, in my opinion, the most relaxing of all the resorts and the fact I can walk to the city bus stop from it means I stop there a LOT and I love it! This day we caught some great sunset pictures too. Then she took care of some business and I took some more video before we walked out together to the bus stop and each headed home.

All in all that was a really good day.

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