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Disney Lovin is about heart and connection. It was born out of a lifelong love of Disneyland and great appreciation for Walt and his legacy and has grown into a deep passion for Disney World and sharing the magic with those who know what it is to love Disney. We welcome you into our streams, photos, and life and hope we can bring you at least a tiny bit of the magic we’re blessed to experience every day. Scroll to the bottom for our latest stream schedule.

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The 365 Disney Adventure!

In 2016 I very suddenly lost one of my closest friends and to honor her I embarked on a 365 Disney Adventure that changed my life. Though I officially ended my year this past September, the fun will continue on in streams, photos, and our magazines here on Disney Lovin and in our fan club.

This journey changed my life and I’m so grateful to all of you who shared it with me.

If you’d like to visit more with me and continue onto my next adventure, aside from here, you can now find me at SamanthaLucas.Life




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Day 340 Decadence at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Day 340 was an easy day spent soaking up the ambiance at Disney's Contemporary Resort. Josh and I started out early with a fan club stream from the 4th floor balcony looking out over Magic ...
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Day 339 of 365 and another first checked off my list!

Today I spent a rainy day hanging out with my friend Kim in Animal Kingdom. That's an interesting park in the rain because I find it interesting to see the animals and how they all ...
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Day 338 – The Day Facebook Stopped Working

Well, today was... interesting... in an, I woke up in a sci-fi story kind of way. When I first woke up this morning I checked my phone to see what time it was and to ...
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Spark A Dream is the new book from author and dream follower Samantha Lucas. Created in an easy to read format, Samantha shares the high points and hardships of the journey that led her to Disney World and the 365 Disney Adventure. She chronicles bravely with raw vulnerability what made her the woman she is today and shares with you why she thinks dreams are the treasure maps of our soul.

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You’ll treasure this book of inspiration and hope as she encourages you to follow your heart and never give up no matter what life may throw at you.

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