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Disney Lovin is about heart and connection. It was born out of a lifelong love of Disneyland and great appreciation for Walt and his legacy and has grown into a deep passion for Disney World and sharing the magic with those who know what it is to love Disney. We welcome you into our streams, photos, and life and hope we can bring you at least a tiny bit of the magic we’re blessed to experience every day.

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The 365 Disney Adventure!

In 2016 I very suddenly lost one of my closest friends. Donna was a woman who I’d come to know because we’d both restarted our lives to be closer to Disney World, but when she passed away all I could think of were all the conversations we’d had about adventures we wanted to take… when we could afford it.

There is nothing stopping us from taking the adventures now and that’s what the 365 was about for me. To take on something, despite my money concerns, despite anything. To live now and I’ve done my best to share that with you all along the way. The 365 may be coming to an end, but Disney Lovin will continue to be a tribute to Walt, to Donna, and to all of us who are out there every day living our dreams. – Samantha





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