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đź’— When your life becomes your joy, you become an inspiration to the world. đź’—

wdw2016041401025348When a close friend of mine died in September of 2016 I was reminded again of the very important lesson, do not wait to live.

This started a year long personal challenge to be at Disney World every single day for one year to celebrate life, honor friendship, and live now.

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pat_bannerIt would not be possible to keep creating the amount of content I do, (especially expanding into streaming and traveling to other Disney Parks – Disneyland and Disneyland Paris in 2017) if it weren’t for all the support I receive from you all!

What I ask is that if you get something of value out of my content, that you consider contributing $1 per month over on Patreon. If you feel like the content is worth more to you, or you’d like to help more, that’s great too! Just fill in whatever dollar amount you want when you sign up and come be my Disney family.

As my gift to you for signing up, you will automatically be able to download books one and two in the Tales of Elethiya, The Seven Kingdoms series, a paranormal soap opera with a Disney connection.

For being a part of my Disney family on Patreon you receive the most Disney World I can give, a nightly photo journal, videos and vlogs live from the parks, Disney news, special events, and special streams off and on throughout the week on Facebook that only my patrons are able to see.

If you love Disney, but can’t get here as much as you’d like, then let me be your eyes and ears to the World. I hope you’ll sign up today!


park-shoppersWhen you want it from the World, not the warehouse!

Did you get home without that one must-have souvenir from your Disney vacation?

Are you looking for an item that’s only available in the parks?

Do you need a few Disney items to be waiting for you at the start of your Disney vacation?

Or maybe, as illogical as it sounds, you are one of the avid Disney devotees who prefers the Disney reminders that surround you at home to be from the World and not the warehouse.

How do we know you’re out there?

Because we ARE you, and you are our tribe.

Click here to visit our dedicated shopping site.


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You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. ~ Walt Disney


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